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August 17, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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At Jackson County Dental, Dr. Matthew Pierce, Dr. Haley Doose, and Dr. Douglas Gardner, your dentists in Seymour, IN, provide comprehensive dental care for the whole family. Your dentists recommend preventative appointments twice a year to protect your smile from tooth decay and gum disease.

Preventative Care

Regular professional teeth cleaning appointments are the basis of preventative care for everyone in the family. When plaque is not removed by regular brushing, it hardens and forms into tartar. Tartar cannot be brushed away and must be removed by a dental professional. When plaque and tartar build up on your teeth, the bacteria irritate the gums and they start to pull away from the teeth.

Gum disease can lead to tooth loss if left untreated, so it's best to be examined at least twice a year for signs of gum disease by your dentist in Seymour, IN. Even when you schedule regular dental visits, it's important to keep up a great oral hygiene routine at home. Your dentist will recommend brushing for two minutes twice a day and flossing at least once a day. If you have a history of cavities you may want to add a fluoride mouth rinse to your routine.

General Dentistry

We encourage all patients to keep up with regular dental visits for preventative care, but we're here when you need help with your smile, too. We provide all general dentistry services and can help when you have an emergency like a chip or a cracked tooth. When you need complete tooth replacements, we offer dentures and dental implants. You can also see us when you have cosmetic concerns about your smile for our cosmetic services including teeth whitening and veneers.

Dr. Pierce, Dr. Doose, and Dr. Gardner of Jackson County Dental are your reliable dentists in Seymour, IN. We help keep your mouths healthy and smiles beautiful! Contact us for an appointment in Seymour, IN, at 812-522-8608.

June 19, 2020
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It's important to develop good habits in looking after your teeth and gums. You'll prevent decay, gum disease and tooth loss. Dr. Matthew Pierce, your dentist at Jackson County Dental in Seymour, IN, wants all his patients to be as diligent at home as he and his team are at the office. Together, you'll achieve great smiles.

Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary

You know the basics--brush twice a day, floss, and eat well. Cut the sugar, cigarettes and alcohol. Wear a mouthguard when you're on the playing field. See your dentist in his Seymour, IN, office for an exam and professional cleaning twice yearly.

But, how can maximize these basics? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Stay with your brushing routine for at least two minutes. The American Dental Association (ADA) says that two minutes of careful brushing removes a lot of plaque. However, don't be too rough, and start at the back of your mouth. Molars need the most attention because of their position and grooved chewing surfaces.
  2. Eat fibrous foods, such as celery and lettuce. They're natural tooth scrubbers and exercise your gums and jaw bone.
  3. Change your toothbrush whenever it looks worn. Keep it in a dry, clean place.
  4. Swish your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash for 30 seconds after you brush. It removes more plaque than brushing alone and freshens your breath.
  5. Floss gently. If you use strand floss, wind each end around opposite index fingers, and insert the central portion in between teeth. Move the floss up and down, and repeat with a clean section until your teeth feel--and sound--squeaky clean. Throw the floss out. Do not re-use it.
  6. Look at your teeth, gums, tongue and other soft tissues every day. If you see changes in color or texture, or have a sore spot which will not resolve, call Dr. Pierce about it.

Just a little bit every day...

Daily care makes your mouth healthier. For ways to improve your oral hygiene regimen, ask your hygienist at your next routine appointment with Dr. Matthew Pierce at Jackson County Dental. Our Seymour, IN, dentist is all about prevention and smiles which last a lifetime. Call us at (812) 522-8608 to book your appointment.

April 24, 2020
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Our mouths have various functions like those used for communicating, eating, and smiling. Most of us were taught how to care for our oral hygiene ever since we were young. Although regularly visiting your dentist here at Jackson County Dental in Seymour, IN, Dr. Matthew Pierce, is a must, maintaining a proper oral care routine at home is equally crucial since we spend most of our time there. Furthermore, we develop most of our habits and lifestyle at home.

Basic Oral Health Care Guidelines

To maintain a healthy mouth and strong teeth, here are a few easy tips that you can follow:

  • Always brush your teeth before bed. Doing this will clean off those nasty germs that have built up in your mouth throughout the day.
  • Brush thoroughly. Plaque that is left in your mouth could harden easily, which could then lead to gingivitis. You can avoid this by simply brushing in gentle, circular motions. Remember to brush your tongue as well and take your time (two full minutes).
  • Use fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride toothpaste prevents you from getting tooth decay, as it fights off germs and bacteria that harm your mouth.
  • Use mouthwash. This reduces acidity in the mouth, re-mineralizes your teeth, and cleans areas around the gums that are difficult to brush.
  • Don’t forget to floss. Flossing is as equally important as brushing. It removes leftover debris in between your teeth, reduces plaque, and stimulates your gums.
  • Consume crunchy produce. Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy and high in fiber. Additionally, they can benefit your jaws and your overall health.
  • Hydrate more with water. It is advised that you drink water after each meal. This removes the nasty leftovers from sticky and acidic foods. Keeping your mouth moist reduces the accumulation of plaque and the risk of developing both gum disease and cavities.
  • Refrain from sugary or acidic foods. Sugar turns into acid in the mouth, which can erode teeth enamel and cause tooth decay.

When Should You See Your Dentist?

According to the American Dental Association, you should ideally visit your dentist at least twice a year for professional cleanings and checkups. Your Seymour dentist will not only spot for cavities and get rid of tartar, but also identify any underlying issues present and offer suitable treatment solutions for them.

For More Oral Care Advice, Call Us

Call 812-522-8608 to reach Jackson County Dental in Seymour, IN, and set your appointment with our dentist, Dr. Matthew Pierce.

February 24, 2020
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How a filling from your dentist in Seymour, IN, can help your smile

Tooth problems, like cavities, create aggravating and painful symptoms. They are identifiable by small black or brown stains on your teeth. That’s why it’s important to visit your Seymour dentist at the first sign of a dental problem. Your dentist will know what to do. More often than not, a simple filling takes care of the problem. Dr. Matthew Pierce at Jackson County Dental in Seymour, IN, offers a range of dental services, including dental fillings to help your smile.

Is it time to get a dental filling?

There are a few signs and symptoms to watch out for, including:

-Sharp, stabbing tooth pain when you bite down or chew.

-Continuous pain that doesn’t resolve.

-Throbbing tooth pain when you eat or drink hot, cold, or sweet food and beverages.

-An obvious open hole in your tooth surface

-A black or brown stain on your tooth that doesn’t brush off

A dental filling is a great choice if you already have an old filling that is leaking. When this happens, you may notice a crumbling margin where the filling meets the tooth's surface. You may also notice a space developing between the existing filling and your tooth. Your Seymour dentist recommends fillings to eliminate tooth decay and restore your tooth. It’s important to seek dental treatment quickly before the issue gets worse. This saves you time and more extensive dental treatment.

Many of your Seymour dentist's patients choose tooth-colored fillings because they offer both the strength you need and the beauty you want. They use composite, a liquid resin that matches the color and contours of your teeth. The composite is then hardened with ultraviolet light. The result is a filling that enhances your smile!

To find out more about tooth-colored fillings and other filling materials, talk with an expert! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Matthew Pierce at Jackson County Dental in Seymour, IN, today! Call (812) 522-8608.

By Jackson County Dental
January 27, 2020
Category: Oral Health

Have you been struggling with tooth pain? You could be dealing with infected dental pulp—a fairly common, though nonetheless painful and harmful, condition that can greatly impact the state of your oral health. Fortunately, here at Jackson County Dental in Seymour, IN, your dentists, Dr. Matthew Pierce and Dr. Lane Severe, can treat this issue with root canal therapy. Read on to learn more!

What is root canal treatment?

Sometimes, decay or damage to a tooth can affect its inner structure, i.e. the dental pulp. As a result, the pulp become infected or irritated. To prevent the infection from spreading to surrounding bone, tissue, and teeth, your dentist will perform a simple root canal. This straightforward endodontic procedure goes inside the tooth to remove the infected or inflamed dental pulp that lies under the dentin layers.

The goals of root canal therapy include,

  • Removing the infected pulp
  • Disinfecting the tooth to stop the spread of infection
  • Sealing the root canals to prevent future infections
  • Preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible
  • Preventing the need for a tooth extraction in the future

What happens if I don’t receive a root canal?

A root canal is not an elective procedure. Once the dental pulp has been damaged, it will need to be removed. If you instead choose not to undergo treatment, the alternative is to have the tooth removed. However, preserving your natural tooth structure saves you time, money, and a myriad of negative health consequences. After all, this simple 90-minute procedure at our Seymour, IN, office can prevent the need for additional procedures as well as the added expense of getting a tooth replacement such as a dental bridge or implant.

Concerned? Give us a call

If it’s been a while since you saw your dentist, or if you are experiencing any concerning symptoms, it’s important that you have a dental team that you can turn to right away. Call Jackson County Dental in Seymour, IN, today at (812) 522-8608 to schedule your next visit.