Are Partial Dentures Right for Me?
By Jackson County Dental
November 16, 2015
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If you need a cost-effective replacement for several missing teeth, partial dentures are one of the most popular options. Partial dentures are removable prosthetics, custom designed to match the shape and appearance of your gums and surrounding teeth.Dentures

Although they are not permanently affixed in your mouth, they are designed to fit snugly with your natural teeth to provide:

  • A stable bite
  • Even appearance
  • Support for the jaw and gum tissues

Partial dentures are an affordable treatment option that will greatly improve your ability to speak, chew, and smile with pride.

Pros and Cons

There are risks and benefits to partial dentures that you must compare with other available options, such as bridges or implants.


  • Most affordable replacement for missing teeth
  • Usually covered by insurance
  • Require no surgery or invasive work to surrounding teeth
  • Safe option for people who are not candidates for other procedures


  • Need more care and attention to clean
  • Risk of accidentally losing or throwing them away
  • Require regular visits for relining (adjusting)

Caring for Partial Dentures

Like natural teeth, partial dentures need to be cleaned and cared for regularly. Dentures cannot be cleaned with regular toothpaste, as it will damage the materials--a special denture cleanser must be used to keep your new dentures in great shape.

Relining your dentures is extremely important for your long-term oral health--this simply means re-adjusting to prevent loosening and slipping. Skipping your relining appointments can cause problems, so be sure to stay on schedule! Ill-fitting dentures will no longer properly support your gums and jaw bone, causing the tissues to weaken and your face to appear sunken over time.

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