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November 03, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Are you concerned about gaps in your smile? Replacing lost teeth with dental implants offers a long-lasting solution to tooth loss. Our dental implantsSeymour, IN, dentists, Dr. Matthew Pierce and Dr. Lane Severe, discuss how dental implants can help you fill those gaps in your teeth.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants replace your missing roots with small titanium posts added to openings made in your jawbone. Titanium, the same lightweight material used in hip implants, bonds to your jawbone in a few months' time. After bonding occurs, your implants become a permanent part of your jawbone. The final step in the implant process involves adding crowns, realistic-looking artificial teeth, to the top of the implants.

What advantages do implants offer?

Without strong roots, plants and trees would topple over with the slightest breeze. Just as roots anchor plants, your dental implant provides a stable foundation for your artificial tooth. Crowns and bridges, other options used to restore missing teeth, don't include replacement roots, which can make biting into hard or tough foods difficult. Because your implant is securely attached to your jawbone, you can continue to eat the same foods you've always enjoyed.

Implants also provide important protections for your oral health. They fill the gaps in your smile, preventing shifting that can cause your teeth to overlap and trap cavity-causing plaque. Your roots don't just anchor your teeth, but constantly stimulate your jawbone, which helps keep the bone strong. When you lose a tooth, part of your jawbone can become weak and recede because it no longer receives stimulation. Adding an implant to your jaw prevents jawbone recession, a problem that can cause further loss of teeth and facial sagging.

Caring for dental implants is no harder than taking care of your natural teeth. Although your new teeth are artificial, they still must be brushed and flossed daily. Flossing around the implant is particularly important, as it can help prevent an infection that could loosen it. With proper care, which includes regular visits to our Seymour office, your dental implants can last your entire life.

Are you ready to find out if you're a good candidate for dental implants? Call our Seymour, IN, dentists, Dr. Pierce and Dr. Severe, at (812) 522-8608 to schedule an appointment.

August 22, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

If you are missing any teeth, dentures can give you a complete smile and so much more. In addition to replacing missing teeth, dentures denturesalso restore normal tooth functioning, improve speech and restore a more youthful appearance by providing support to sagging facial muscles. Whether you are missing all of your natural teeth or just a few, there are different types of dentures that can help. At Jackson County Dental, your place for dentures in Seymour, IN, Dr. Matthew Pierce and Dr. Lane Severe can determine which type of dentures are right for you.

Types of Dentures

There are many types of dentures, including partial and full dentures. Partial dentures are used when you still have some natural teeth along the top or bottom arch, or both. The dentures fit around the natural teeth so your smile will be a mix of natural and artificial teeth. Types of partial dentures include removable and transitional. Full dentures are used when no natural teeth remain. The denture contains a full set of teeth for the top or bottom arch. Types of full dentures include conventional, immediate and implant supported overdentures.

Benefits of Dentures

Whatever type of dentures are right for you, there are many benefits to getting dentures. In Seymour, dentures are available at Jackson County Dental. The dental staff there can explain the specific benefits dentures have for you based on your particular situation. The benefits of getting dentures include:

  • Replace missing teeth and restore your smile.
  • Improve self-confidence by regaining a full smile.
  • Restore normal tooth functioning, such as biting and chewing.
  • Improve speech by correcting tongue placement when speaking.

The benefits of getting dentures are numerous. Not only can dentures replace missing teeth and give you a full smile, but they can also improve speech and restore normal tooth functioning. For dentures in Seymour, IN, schedule an appointment with Dr. Pierce or Dr. Severe by calling Jackson County Dental at (812) 522-8608.

February 17, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

If you are dedicated to getting a beautiful, healthy smile then consider your dental options in Seymour, IN.cosmetic dentistry

When it comes to your smile, you want only the best. Our Seymour, IN, dentists, Dr. Matthew Pierce and Dr. Lane Severe can help you achieve your ideal smile.

We offer an amazing and full array of dental services to meet your needs including:

Dental Bonding

If you want to make small changes to your smile this non-invasive treatment uses small amounts of tooth-colored resin to hide minor chips, cracks, stains and even gaps between teeth. While bonding won’t be able to tackle more severe problems it can be an effective way to combat minimal issues without needing invasive treatments. Bonding can improve the shape, size or color of one or more teeth and it is completely painless.

Dental Implants

Tooth loss doesn’t have to have the final say. Why not choose to get the next best option to a natural tooth? This is not too good to be true. Implants are the only restoration that functions like tooth roots and fuses together with bones and tissue to become a permanent and resilient foundation from which to support everything from a single dental crown to even a full set of dentures. While implants do require a waiting period after the implant has been placed so that it fuses with the jawbone, no other tooth loss treatment can offer the same amazing benefits.

Porcelain Veneers

If you have several teeth that are uneven, misshapen, worn, cosmetically flawed, stained or even a bit crooked getting dental veneers could greatly improve your smile. Veneers are translucent layers of porcelain that are bonded to the front of your teeth to change their appearance. Before getting veneers we will remove a very tiny bit of enamel from teeth to make room for your veneers.

Teeth Whitening

Are stains really putting a damper on your smile? Then it’s time to consider the amazing results you’ll achieve with our powerful whitening system. In just one session alone some smiles can become several shades whiter. You’ll see the difference right away. If you need to remove stains and brighten your teeth for an upcoming event then ask us about how in-office whitening can help you.

Removable Dentures

Some patients don’t want to or can’t go a dental implant procedure but they still want a reliable way to replace missing teeth. Don’t fret. We also offer removable dentures. It’s inexpensive, and this new smile could be yours in just a couple of visits. While dentures don’t offer the same benefits of implants they can still be an effective method for replacing all or most of your missing teeth.

Do you have questions about the cosmetic and restorative treatments we offer at our Seymour, IN, dental office? Are you ready to find out what treatment is right for you? If so, then it’s time you turned to Jackson County Dental.

November 02, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Discover everything you ever wanted to know about dental implants and what makes them tick.

It’s true that many people are turning to dental implants to replace their missing teeth. After all, a dental implant offers so many amazing dental implantsbenefits for your oral health. Plus, they are made to look and function just like a real tooth so no one will even know that you have a dental implant. If you are interested in what dental implants have to offer your smile, our Seymour, IN dentists, Dr. Matthew Pierce and Dr. Jennifer Terhaar, are here to provide some information into what makes up a dental implant.

There are three basic parts that make up this amazing restoration that can last up to a lifetime, if you care for and maintain it properly:

The implant/screw: This small screw or post is made from titanium since this type of metal is biocompatible (meaning that it’s rare for the body to reject this metal) and is surgically placed into the jawbone where your missing tooth’s root used to be.

Once the implant is placed and the gums are sewn back up, we will give your mouth time to heal. During this healing period the bone and tissue will start to grow around the implant and fuse together with it. While you won’t be able to see this amazing phenomenon with your own eyes, it will most certainly be happening. The implant is created to function just like tooth roots and can even prevent bone deterioration due to tooth loss.

The abutment: Once the bone has fused together with the implant our Seymour general dentist will need to open up the gums one more time in order to place the abutment over the implant. An abutment is used to connect the implant (which no one will actually be able to see) with a dental crown or other restoration.

The dental crown (or other restoration): If you are only having a single dental implant placed then a dental crown will be the restoration of choice. Once the gums have fully healed after placing your abutment and your dental crown has been specially made we will secure the crown to the abutment to fill the gap.

If you need to replace several teeth, don’t worry. More than one implant can be placed along the jawbone to support dental bridges or even a complete set of dentures.

Jackson County Dental in Seymour, IN is here to provide you with the dental care you need, whether you want to get dental implants or just a routine cleaning. Call us today to schedule your next visit.