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April 17, 2017
Category: Oral Health
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For better oral health, don’t neglect your flossing. Most people understand the importance of brushing the teeth daily, but it can be easy flossingto forget about flossing. However, flossing plays a vital role in maintaining good oral health. It helps clear away trapped food particles from between the teeth that would otherwise lead to the formation of bacteria. Lingering bacteria that are not cleared away with brushing can ultimately lead to gum disease. At Jackson County Dental, Dr. Matthew Pierce and Dr. Lane Severe are your Seymour area dentists.

Importance of Flossing

As mentioned, flossing is important for clearing away food particles and debris that have become trapped between the teeth. These trapped items allow bacteria to grow. Over time, lingering bacteria leads to the development of plaque and tartar buildup and, eventually, gingivitis, which is an early stage of gum disease. Ultimately, tooth decay and loss can be the outcome. Along with brushing, daily flossing keeps the teeth and gums cleaner and healthier for better overall oral health.

Flossing Correctly

When flossing, it is important to do it correctly for maximum benefits. A piece of dental floss about 18 inches long should be more than enough to thoroughly floss the teeth. To start, wrap each end of the floss around both index fingers. Then, gently slide the floss back and forth between teeth to clear out any trapped debris or food particles. Try to wrap the floss around the side of each tooth as go in order to be as thorough as possible.

If bleeding occurs while flossing, be sure to floss as gently as possible. When the gums bleed, it is a sign of potential gum disease, which means lingering bacteria are causing problems. By continuing to brush and floss daily, oral health should improve and the gums should stop bleeding. However, if the gums continue bleeding each time you floss and that persists for more than a week, contact your Seymour, IN dentist. A professional dental cleaning or other intervention might be needed.

Don't neglect your flossing. Flossing the teeth regularly is an important part of maintaining good oral health. Regular dental visits are important, as well. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Pierce or Dr. Severe, your local Seymour, IN dentists, call Jackson County Dental at (812) 522-8608.